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the furniture and/or fixtures specially tailored to commercial or public area

Our services cover the entire process of bringing your ideas to fruition. By working closely with your interior designer, architect or project developer, we’ll produce the furniture and/or fixtures specially tailored to your office, café, retail store, hotel, or any other commercial or public area. From initial consultations and drawings to production and installation – rest assured, we’re committed to taking full control and delivering a high quality solution within a reasonable timeframe.

the entire process of bringing your ideas to fruition

Precise measurement of premises

Since the fixtures and furniture that we make are non-standard, having precise measurements of the premises is crucial. For instance, walls in modern buildings are sometimes curved, uneven, or contain stylistic elements that make the installation process more complicated and reliant on precise figures. Our team will be happy to make all the necessary measurements – whether in Lithuania or abroad.

Initial consultation and preparatory work

During the initial consultation, our team of engineers will collect all the pertinent information about the project from your architect and/or designer and make sure they have a comprehensive grasp of the vision you’ve developed for the premises in question. The next step in line will be to provide technical solutions to make that vision a reality and make the necessary technical drawings using SolidWorks.

Production of fixtures and/or furniture

After receiving your aproval of the technical drawings, we’ll give the green light to our partner manufacturers to commence production. Having a network of reliable, long-term partners enables us to better adapt to any circumstances, order volume and specificity, and take ownership of the result. In addition, we offer a wide range of materials – from steel elements to solid wood or veneer – to choose from depending on the project and client preferences.

Delivery of finished products to the site

Our long-term freight forwarding partners will deliver the finished products, big and small, directly to the site, regardless of location – we ship to all cities in Lithuania, as well as to foreign countries. Although clients are free to collect their orders at our facilities and use their own vehicles for transportation, most are happy to leave it to our providers that always deliver orders on time.

Installation of delivered products

If you don’t have a trusty local provider of installation services, our experienced team of installers will arrive on site and install the fixtures and/or furniture to your specifications. Otherwise, clients are free to arrange the installation themselves, with our team providing whatever additional consultations or assistance which may be required to get the job done to customers‘ satisfaction.

If you have any questions regarding our services – feel free to call or email us any time!