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What SOLVAS do...

Furniture and fixtures specially tailored for your commercial or public area

Ever since the company‘s founding, we have been providing non-standard furniture solutions primarily, though not exclusively, to commercial and public areas – cafés, restaurants, hotels, offices, libraries, museums, and more – by working closely with architects, interior designers and project developers to deliver superior products that meet our customers’ individual needs. 

We have carefully selected our manufacturing partners for reputable and high quality work, which allows us to provide our customers with solutions that fully meet their needs.

Measurement of premises
From drawings to installation on site
From drawings to installation on site
From drawings to installation on site

From drawings to installation on site

The owners and managers of commercial properties often seek to equip them with eye-catching interiors that really stand out, and this naturally includes furniture. To make our customers’ vision a reality, our vastly experienced team of professionals takes control of the entire process and brings it to a successful conclusion. We provide services that cover everything – from initial technical consultations and drawings to production, delivery, and installation on site.

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Being a company named after the English word “to solve”, it’s no surprise that we love solving complex problems and giving our clients exactly what they require, no matter the premises or difficulty of the project. Are you in need of non-standard furniture or fixtures for your project? We’re here to make it happen!

We are ready to discuss your projects and how we can help you - don’t hesitate to call or email us!